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02-27-2013, 03:36 AM
Suggestion for Doffs:

You already run 2 copies of EptS and EptW, so Damage Control Engineers are not needed.

In that case I would suggest a Warp Core Engineer (chance of a power boost when using EptX), and 3 Conn Officers (with Tac Team on auto, it will be up 100% of the time unless you are subnuked). 5th slot is open for you to decide. A projectile doff if you want to rely more on your torpedoes, or maybe a Shield Distribution.

For the boff skills, I would change a few things:

EptW1, EptS2, RSP2, Aux2SIF3
EptW1, EptS2

mainly the change of APB to APO, and raising of RSP1 to 2.

Engi consoles are fine I think. I use Engi as my universal dumping ground too, and a mixture of monotanium and neutroniums for the remaining slots is suitable. If you can, grab a tachyokinetic and replace the monotanium.

The 4th rear weapon could probably just be another Romulan beam. A lot of cruisers run an aft torp, but I have never seen the attraction in doing so. That said, I also use the Regent's wide-angle quantum at fore, which fires even without having to break a beam broadside, I highly recommend it.