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02-27-2013, 02:58 AM
Originally Posted by lonomahin View Post
You can upgrade the pistol as a standalone item for I think 50 lobi. I'd assume it increases the damage and it MIGHT add another mod to the weapon since in addition to the increased mk level it's going from a rare item to a very rare item..

50 Lobi, though? To upgrade a single ground weapon. REALLY not worth it. If one would insist on buying a ground weapon from the Lobi store, the Temporal Rifle is probably the one to use.

I've also heard some good things about the Mk XII upgrade for the Tholian set, the one with a shield, EV suit and the Cryo Pulsewave. The Cryo Pulsewave is a killer weapon against Borg, and is great for knocking drones on their ass or off ledges in IGE.