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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
Any damage that penetrates a shield is still subject to resistance scores. In this example, the 4000 that penetrates the target's shield will be reduced according to their Kinetic Resistance Rating.

And actually... I don't have the figures in front of me at the moment to verify, but I'm fairly certain that T-phasics do 40% additional bleedthrough. Non-resilient shield arrays already allow 10% through, resulting in a total of 50%. Resilient shields would let through 45% from a T-phasic.

As for the concern that special Torpedo Modes benefit Quantums disproportionately... there is some merit to that claim. And it is, as another poster pointed out, because amplifying a large number by a set percentage yields a larger benefit than amplifying a smaller number by the same percentage. It's possible that those figures could use another review, but it's also possible that they are fine where they are due to the additional benefits/drawbacks of using different types of torpedoes.
With my tests the tactical officers are mostly the only that benefit from the transphasics, where as sci's damage resistance doesn't help that much and engineers being they don't do any special damage increase on their's its obvious there. From the KDF standpoint on the b'rel the issues with torpedo/mine setups photons, quantums, and chronitons are utterly useless in the b'rel modes for the goal of destroying targets because they do more damage to shields than they do to hull which doesn't help. As said transphasics are useful if you are a tactical officer but with the 2 other classes they don't pack enough punch mostly because their base damage is so low to begin with. Tricobalts are a given they aren't very useful unless you have a team focus fireing or depend on luck for them to do something. Plasma torps/mines by design is great until you get to PvP and you have Hazard Emitters to pretty much counter the whole design of them.

Pretty much for balance purposes so they can keep up with cannons and beams for anyone who would be wanting a torp/mine boat setup for intrepid, armitage, D7/K'maj, or B'rel... I think the damage each type of torpedo does needs to be looked at, as well as any new doff options that could be added, or skills out there that aren't much use so it wouldn't be an I win button but some way to use some of these skills for making new tactics where you aren't just fireing torps or mines and beating someone but able to actually use more tactics than fire hy or dispersal pattern. I mostly like to see it for the b'rel because it does need some love but there are other ships out there that could be looked at as in the same area in both factions where it could help out on the issue of who is the better shield tank wins. There have been a lot of things done in this area but I just believe more needs to be done.