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02-27-2013, 03:29 AM
hmmm so polaron procs are op, no escort has leech, or siphons for that matter. Not sure what all the whinning is about.

Not all kdf ships have leech, you guys are making these things up to be something they are clearly not. Phasers are just as crippling as polaron, even more so. phased polaron....welll cryptic dumped those on us.

Complain about OP fed ships without a kdf counterpart, like, fleet defiant, vesta, Armitage, and smurf. Once the friggin spam fest that is federation has been brought back in line, we can talk about evul kdf things. The idea that the current game favors kdf builds or toys in any way, i laughable at best, or outright stupid at worst.

I m sorry guys, but this is a non issue, fleet shields are an issue, fed ship choices are an issue. Leech is not, and drain are not.

Let me repeat what i said in the drain test builds, maybe polaron procs should be more in line with tets, and palsma aka useless. Not that the shut down in those test only occured once polaron was in the mix. So stop blaming the kdf, and start asking for nerfs to your own toys.
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