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02-27-2013, 04:55 AM
Originally Posted by naz4 View Post
Ever considered why its an ass whoopin when you enter arenas?
The pve game is so mindless in terms of AI that it misleads people into believing they are good. This mental state of mind is taken to the queues for the first time and then smashed to bits. To preserve whatever is left after that, they never enter queues again.
1 simple thing would improve the state of play for all newcomers overnight. Make distribute shields a standard feature which is always on and does not have to be activaed. This in itself would reduce the insta pop face role pattern.

Balance is another issue altogeter. As the devs have confirmed themselves, balancing on 1v1 is not possible. I fully agree with this.
Question has to be what are you balancing against? What is the benchmark? If this isnt defined, the question is pointless in itself.
Why bother trying to balance to an unknown criteria? You will never balance anything.

Oh i do agree that first time in arena is learning exp because of the mindset pve puts one in.

But even many in my fleet love to pvp infleet but never like to hit the arena because a pug vs premade will lose and lose badly 9/10 times. Only once was i in a pug vs premade and we actually racked up like 10 kills, but usually its 0-2 kills, likewise everytime ive gone in with my premade against pugs we destroy them easily, its literally like all 5 of us are just standing still shooting ducks. And that is what causes so few to hit the arnena is fear of being a pug and going against a premade that you have no shot to win.