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02-27-2013, 05:50 AM
Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
These projects need to grant base XP. I'm in a larger fleet and there seems to be discord over whether we'll even do them.

Usually what seems to happen from my POV is that the Fleet Leader forbids anyone from doing the special cosmetic projects and then someone else queues them up behind his back and finishes them and we get griping about how we can get dilithium for these but not enough for the regular projects, which linger for days with nothing left needed for them except dilithium.

Either attach XP to the cosmetic projects or shift them over to eat fleet credits instead of dilithium.

Personally, I'm drowning in Fleet Credits. I don't want a fleet ship, and I'm not too impressed with the Advanced fleet weapons, kits and armour. I'd even settle for some ridiculous Fleet cred to Dlithium conversion, but these 200k Dilithium things are just insanely annoying. Maybe less so for bigger fleets, but we are a small bunch and doing 2 of these at any time, and then having to spend 215k ish for base upgrade.. it's unrealistic.

Remove the daily Dilithium Cap or drastically lower the cost for vanity things.