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02-27-2013, 07:22 AM
Pretty sure if you removed normal plasma torpedo critical hits you'd kill almost all the one-shots from the Gates, though it has some nasty combos, they are fair.

The queen and unimatrix spread attacks are quite often one hit without crits, even tanks don't survive the crits. They do need a lower level version of the ability. Donatra's spread needs a look at as well, its a one hit ability.
At 7:57 there are logs showing the gate torps crit, not the greatest log as 95% of the crits end up being the plasma fire proc, but it is there. Seeing how low the damage was on that one, my guess is the potential range of damage from these torps is huge, causing one hits on some crits and almost nothing on other shots.

The plasma fire crits are another issue, they can burn down a tank since they all critical through the duration. A series of crit fires can put everything on cool down leaving you helpless, but team mates should give you a hand.

Overall tac cubes need more sustained damage, the gates are pretty lethal, and regular cubes probably put out more damage than a tactical cube does.
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