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There's a lot of life lessons embedded in classic television, lessons that still need to be embedded in television today - particularly cartoons in my opinion. Most modern (modern being last 15 years for sake of discussion) cartoons I've seen have gradually drifted away from teaching important life lessons and turned to, for lack of better terms here, idiocracy, stupidity, violence, and modern annimation to keep audiences drawn in. Then general vibe I get from this type of programing is that it promotes the youth watching it into beliving stupidity in public and violence is all right, and it desenitizes the audience. I can go on and on about the "quality" of modern programing, but it's essentially the same the same argument slightly augmented to fit a different style of programing.
I definitely agree! One of the things I loved about Animaniacs was that they always tried to mix in some history and educational skits. The humor in those cartoons was also non-offensive and didn't condone utter stupidity. Going back to the long ago of the 1980's, a lot of shows from that era, cartoons included, really had some great messages and morals to them.

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Ohhhhh man, I've been in the habit of watching MST3K while I've been working lately. WOW! Some of the old shorts they show are just ridiculous. I'm not even sure I can describe the last one I saw without offending someone. I'll try anyway.

A guy was trying to find inspiration to write a song. He was a "good man", so an angel was sent to help him. The angel gave his wife a vision of a remodeled kitchen with "modern Westinghouse appliances" and a big "red, kitchen telephone!" It was pretty much exactly the stereotypical view people have on the ideals of the 50's. BLAHHH!!! And no, I have no idea how this was supposed to help the guy write a song. It made no sense. By the end they were singing about their appliances though, so...
Poorly hidden or just blunt advertising. It's reasons like this as to why I can't sit through cable television. Commercial after commercial and just about every show now is pushing some sort fo brand or product.