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02-27-2013, 08:09 AM
You can find arguements which will pretty much make almost every one of them worthwhile.

If I had to make a priority list, it'd look something like this:

High Priority:
- Support cluster, Facility 4028, NDORC, Consular Authority, Caitian/Ferasan,
(to get to the repeatables with worthwhile rewards as fast as possible)

Moderate Priority:
- Ghosts of the JH, Project Chrysalis,
(good one-time rewards, no worthwhile repeatable)

Low Priority:
- GQ Colonial, Bartender, Chef, Biochemical (Nepata, Ketracel, Tulaberries), Gaming, Biogenic Weapons,
(no rewards but titles & CXP, no worthwhile repeatable)

Consider not finishing:
- Biochemical (Jevonite, Bataret, Lockets)
(need tons of scarce, expensive commodities which will be better spent on NADORC or Formal Gift Exchange).