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02-27-2013, 09:11 AM
Tac: TT1, HYT 2, CRF 2
Sci: Heals + TachBeam 3 + CPB 3. Maybe a VM (with DOffs) or PSW if you can spare it.

Sci consoles: As many Flow Caps as you can.

Gear: Whatever combo works for you, just get the Tet Glider.

Weapons: 2 Phased Tet Cannons fore + 1 Quantum Torp. Aft: 3x Phased Tet Turrets or 2x Turrets + 1x Beam Array.

Enjoy the lulz.
Devs would like a concise list of things that are broken and not working currently, so here's a short list for PvP: Neutronic Torpedoes, Ionic Turbulence, Surgical Strikes (including Faeht firing through cloak), PartGen stacking and CrtH being boosted to absurd levels.