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# 1 How to make everyone happy
02-27-2013, 09:32 AM
Or at least piss off the least amount of people with a PvP rep system.

Mod note: Please don't merge this with that other rep system thread, that thread should honestly be locked because the OP just came in and said why he hates PvP and didn't want to have to do it, which would probably get locked pdq if I went to the fed forum and said why I hate playing fed and didn't want to be forced to do it.

I'd like a parallel to the Rom system in that the best way to get Rom marks is to chase bunnies every day. You can grind shooting missions at a slower pace. This means that if you despise PvE missions that feel ported from a fantasy rpg tutorial mission, you can still make NPCs explode for a somewhat reduced flow of Rom marks.

So I hope that a PvP rep system would allow something like the winter ice race (or even better, a space equivalent) to give players a small source of PvP marks while leaving full on space and ground PvP as the way to substantial PvP marks. Now, I personally hated the ice race, I couldn't even bring myself to do it enough to get the Chel Grett, but I think it would accommodate those who can't see the compliment inherent in being focus fired.

You could take an example from the Omega rep too. A PvP rep equivalent of the BNPs could drop only from other players.

The thing nobody is really mentioning, unless I missed it, is the implications of PvP rep rewards being obtainable from private matches. If they are, I don't think life will be altered greatly because people who hate PvP will just farm a private match. This is a sticky issue because Cryptic clearly doesn't want people grinding things too fast, but leaving it as an option gives people a place to go who would otherwise AFK in public matches. Disabling private matches would be horrendous in the eyes of many because it's used for actual decent fights as well as testing game mechanics. Disabling any rewards would also be a bummer for intra-fleet PvP, and would push farmers to AFK public matches.

So, if you could get PvP marks from a race or private matches you would have an alternative to the public queues which many find so awful, but if you had a BNP equivalent that only dropped in public queues from player kills you could motivate people to actually play.

My argument against this is that it would increase the power of premades who would be grinding pugs for Pug Neural Processors. IDK, hopefully a PvP rep system would increase the number of premades so that separate queues could be viable. Premade queues could be further rewarded, with a public queue premade 3-win daily being the equivalent of an elder eppoh and a premade 3 matches played daily being, IDK, a moppet or something.

There's holes in the plan for sure, but the basic idea is to allow some form of advancement, leave private matches functional, and still incentivise honest, competitive PvP.