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02-27-2013, 09:30 AM
Originally Posted by lincolninspace View Post
Kirk said once "Scotty you've just earned your week's pay" the episode with the planet killer, IIRC.

The no money thing was a bad idea thrown inreportedly by Gene (I have read that somewhere before but if I'm wrong feel free to correct me) with obviously little thought on it except to make it look like humanity was oh so pure in the 24th century. It is canon, however, except when its not, as your link shows.

maybe if there is another Trek show in the future they'll drop it so I can stop throwing things at my TV.

Because I don't see it happening in real life, at least not in this millenium. I can see some kind of super space travel in a few hundred years, I can even buy a world united in a few hundred years. A world with no money and free stuff for all? Nope. Not unless its the world of really fat dudes that don't do anything but eat, sleep and fornicate. Thats assuming we don't nuke ourselves out of existence.