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# 204 Good Luck Everyone!
02-27-2013, 10:54 AM
Since it is ten minutes to the start of the voting period, I just want to be a good sport...

Remember: No mission is any "better" or "worse" than any other - they are all bad in some way, and they are all good in another way. Each mission is a humongous undertaking of writing, scripting, map making, costuming, etc.

As a previous modder for Star Wars: Battlefront II and Star Trek: Bridge Commander, I can say that I've had some experience in the field of custom mods. One thing I've learned is that hard work into any project is readily seen by a player - and there is no true defeat if you've given it all you've got.

Good luck to the other contestants! I am looking forward to playing the other missions you all have created.

And as for rickysmith, congratulations on the baby! Hopefully BranFlakes sees this as a special occasion and will allow you to submit. (After all, missions can be created at any time; babies only come once!)

Again, good luck. I look forward to playing these great missions.

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