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Originally Posted by lethal61 View Post
If your runnin a good build why do you need to worry about shutting down a npc in the first place DPS my friend is the ultimate shutdown.
Yes..... But you're missing the point of a carrier. The carrier itself is NOT a DPS generator. The fighters are, however. And besides, carriers are SUPPORT ships. They HELP by severely weakening and distracting enemies. What I do, especially with the build Im about to post, is I go and I aggro the biggest enemy on the map while my fleet mates mop up all the little guys. The thing is, the biggest enemy on the map usually can't do that much to me while his weapon power is almost gone.

The thing is knowing how to play your ship, and knowing what role each ship plays. My Chel Grett? DPS dealer. My Recluse? Support.

Anyways. Here's a link to my build. The skill boxes are what I'm going to do after I get my retrain token.

Reclusive Vampire

With two copies of ES, I can easily cycle between ES1 and ES2. Same with the Tykens. Viral Matrix is the only thing I can't/wouldn't cycle, since the only VM that is really worth it is VM3. So. There we go!

EDIT: And just for the record, after I start my little routine (VM3, Tyken, ES) on one enemy, it usually ends up dying faster. Even if its shields don't go down.... they can't regenerate. Even if his weapons are still firing.... they're not doing any damage. And even if his engines are still running... he's not going anywhere fast.
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