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02-27-2013, 10:14 AM
I've kind of reconsidered the "no money" concept. I still think it could work, but humanity won't be ready to do it right for a long time. Too obsessed with "rewards" and "instant gratification" all that stuff.

For the time being, I think the best thing to do is make ethics and morals a stronger point in the education system. Instead of teaching students how to suck as much money as possible from everyone else, we should be teaching them right and wrong, and why it makes more sense to do the right thing. If enough people start thinking like that, a peaceful United Earth has a much greater chance of happening.

I'm still confident that we'll find our way eventually. There's only so many times you can make a mistake before learning from it, and as long as some insane dictator doesn't nuke everybody I think we'll get thing right in the end.