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02-27-2013, 10:19 AM
Originally Posted by yreodred View Post
I hate to be annoying (at least to you guys ), but i wanted to know what energy weapon type dontdrunkimshoot had in mind for his "2 AtB galaxy R" build.
Since there are "only" 4 cannons fore and 4 turrets aft, and so few tac consoles i want to have as many useful effects as possible.

I have been thinking about plasma, but since it cannot utilize the "Romulan Singularity Harness" to get the additional 7.6% plasma Damage, and i am not sure if plasma weapons get the additional bonus from romulan "Threat-Scaling Science Consoles", because i have read that they only deliver 2.5% chance for a Plasma DoT effect when using non-Plasma energy weapons. Still the Plasma proc is tempting IMO.

The only thing i would do different would be to use 2 parts of the "Omega Adapted Borg Technology Set" which would be "Cutting beam" in the rear + the Borg console. To get "Omega Weapon Amplifier" effect once in a while.

Since the Galaxy -R isn't capable of using DC or DHC it will naturally not do as much as much damage as comparable Klingon ship (or ANY other ship) by far. So what would be the logical choice for such an underpowered ship?

Is there a way i momentarily don't see to utilize its Engineering + Science Consoles to tease out some more offensive power?

It's a shame one has to ask such questions in connection with a Galaxy Class.
yes, mixed equipment is always a good idea. Depending on your class, and whether or not you want to tank with the ship, use either (if science) Omega shield, borg engine and, deflector. If you are an engineer, use M.A.C.O. shield and two borg equipment. Or, M.A.C.O shield and deflector and borg engine. (Personally on the lower class galaxy, as with my Intrepid i use full Aegis set, nut i digress...).

Tell you what, send me a mail to @apocalypse2001, and let me know the following: what class you are, at what level your reputation is with Romulan and Omega, and what level your embassy is at for Science, and I'll create a viable build for you.