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Originally Posted by lordmalak1 View Post
The biggest problem I have with a PvP rep system is that those who aren't very good @PvP will complain that it favors better players, as it should but the majority of players who mainly do PvE pay the bills. When money talks cryptic will listen, and if there's exclusive shineys in a PvP system the money will demand that those unwilling to do PvP will also get access to those shineys.

I just don't see and PvP rep system working if it rewards only PvP participants. So whats left to include in a PvP rep system, titles and trophies ?
(All of this is spoken with 2 days of PvP experience. I'm not professing to know everything. I've also spoken to a few friends and asked their opinions. They're not crazy enough like me to post on forums, though. I'm a glutton for punishment.)

My biggest issue with PvP is the fact that it's escort-centric. In my short time I have seen well over 50% of the ships being escorts when escorts only make up roughly 30% of ships in the game. The game mechanics support this prevalence for escorts, hence you see posts that talk about this game being Escorts Online. I feel that this discourages players like me who prefer to fly sci and cruisers. Fixing this break would make a PvP reputation more accessible.

I can understand that people who devote all their time to PvP will be better than the rest. It's common sense. I will go so far as to say that PvP is a focused art in this game. Unfortunately for PvP it's an art that the majority of the playing community will not be prepared to master. That or they don't feel that that's how they want to play the game.

Now, in regards to people saying you can have very effective science builds, I understand this but they're a lot harder to make than the escort builds. People would have to devote a lot of time and energy in to creating these builds. As per my third paragraph, people don't want to spend that sort of time honing a ship that finely so they see it as escorts only even though it's not really.

A close friend of mine tried dabbling in PvP and come across a fleet who coordinated their every move to the point where they won 15-0 and not one of them even lost a shield facing. Good for them that they have achieved such a high level of skill. Bad for PvP as my friend is a player who was demoralised to the point where he'll never set course for PvP again and has shared his negative experience with his friends. I'm sure he's not alone in that.

Good on Cryptic for starting PvP boot camp. They're making an effort and you have to give them credit for that regardless of what you think of them. Not everybody has the time to go in boot camp, however. I'm lucky enough that I can play for a few hours per day. There are people out there who have families who my only have a few hours per week. They're never going to be able to get good enough to become masters unless they're naturally gifted prodigies. How can a person with a few hours per week compare with people who live and breathe it? They can't so there's a player who feels segregated from getting some nice gear.

There's been the argument that why should you need to have everything. Me, I'm a ship collector. I like having at least one of every ship. I know that other people might not feel the same way, but that's one way that I derive enjoyment from the game. I'm sure that there are equipment collectors out there who collect stuff just for collecting's sake. Why should they be deprived of one of the things that gives them joy in the game if PvP reputation makes new stuff inaccessible to them?

Looking at it objectively you have a system that favours one sort of ship (which discourages some players who prefer other ship classes), a system that throws less skilled players to the wolves, a system that requires a large amount of time and a system that currently attracts a minority of the players.

I forget who, but a PvPer in this thread stated that they didn't like having to grind to get gear that they wanted to use in PvP. I'm genuinely sorry you feel that way. The hard thing is that most of this game is PvE, and like Lord Malak stated above its the majority of players, PvE players, that pay the bills. (I did quote you for a reason, Malak!)

I don't have a blanket objection to PvP reputation. If things were fixed and made accessable to the bulk of the community in a meaningful way then I would support it. As it is in its current state I just feel that a PvP reputation could be harmful to the game.

If Cryptic wanted to make PvP a more prominent feature of the game I feel that they should consider one or more options such as:

a) Fix the game so that escorts are not the favoured children. Balance!!

b) Make PvP reputation only give PvP gear.

c) For the people who hate PvE, mirror the gear found in other reputations in PvP reputation. In other words, give players the ability to pick up the MACO, Omega, Romulan, etc gear via a PvP reputation so that PvE becomes an option, not a necessity.

d) Create a Fleet queue and a PUG queue or create a ranking statem that matches players so that new players can ease themselves in without coming across one of the super fleets. This would also give the super fleets more chance of coming across harder fights.

All of this I have not said to incite or troll. These are my thought out ideas and feelings about a PvP reputation. Even though I'm not trolling I can see that I'm going to get flamed in response. Ah well. Such is life.