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02-27-2013, 10:54 AM
I have an idea. It uses a PvP Reputation system. Please, hold your arguments, I know them all already, just hear me out.

Every PvP match (not Kerrat or that open ground one) awards PvP Marks based on Damage Done, Healing Done, Kills/Assists and, for Assault and Capture and Hold, completion of objectives. The more a player does, the more marks they get.

The marks go into the standard rep system like normal. However, instead of just claiming a tier level, the player may also claim an Ability Tier level. All players start with Ability Tier 0.

Ability Tiers represent how good the player is at PvP, or at least THINKS how good they are. Ability Tier 3 would be better than Ability Tier 2, for example. Players in one Ability Tier will NEVER play a PUG match against players in another Tier. So Tier 0 players will never have to face Tier 5 ones, giving these generally inexperienced players a chance to learn.

Once they claim PvP Tier 1, they're bumped up to Ability Tier 1 automatically. After that, however, claiming a PvP Tier will NOT claim an Ability Tier. The Ability Tier must be claimed separately. Not claiming an Ability Tier wouldn't restrict building up normal Tiers, but would restrict certain items available in that Ability Tier, and reduce the number of PvP marks received per match.

When an Ability Tier is claimed, the player has until the halfway point of that standard tier to decide if they're up to snuff, and if not, they can build a project to DROP them back down a Tier. For example, if a player is Tier 2, and claims Ability Tier 2, but finds they can't cut it there, they can go back to Ability Tier 1. A player can't be more than 1 tier below their overall PvP Tier level. Again, they will be restricted on the items in the Ability Tier and get the reduced PvP marks.

If that same player is at Tier 2 and gets enough to claim Tier 3, they MUST claim Ability Tier 2 before they can move on.

In a sense, it's self tiering. The player determines how good they actual are in match PvP and slows almost to a stop when they can't compete any more. They can still get SOME of the PvP items, but the really good stuff will be beyond their reach unless they get better at PvP as a whole.

I'm not sure how to handle challenges between players, but I would suspect the rewards would be scaled to the encounter (Ability Tier 4 players wouldn't get many marks vs Ability Tier 0 players, if any). Or perhaps no marks should be awarded in such matches, I'm not sure there.

The nature of awarding marks would prevent people from leeching PvP marks from PUG matches. The players HAVE to fight to get anything, even in losing, thus inadvertently learning.

As for what items to give out, I'm think Very Rare Mk12 consoles, weapons, and equipment, stuff that generally can't be easily found. The PvP system would allow them to be built, with the rarest items at the very top of the PvP Ability Tier 5 tree.

I know the negative reaction any more reputation stuff generates, but the main feature is self tiering, however it's done, that should be the focus of any PvP matching system. This uses ideas that are already in game and thus built and ready to go. At the very least, it is a starting point.