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02-27-2013, 11:03 AM
Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
There was a lot of good thought in your post, some I agree with some I'm not fully decided on.

This statement stood out at me though.

What is your definition of a premade?

I think, mechanically, this would actually affect "PUGmades" as well.

In effect, restricting "premades" would need to basically separate anyone and everyone who que's up pre-teamed with someone else.


Well, how does the game know you are a premade? Do you all have the same fleet tag?

What if you're all on vent/ts but not actually in the same fleet?

What if you just x up in OPvP and end up on a team and then hit the ques? You'll need to be separated as well at that point, because you are a premade team.

How do you see the details of this issue?
Honestly I don't know for sure. The finer points of a premade v. pugmade are probably lost on most of the player base, but I'm advocating two separate queues: one that's just like what we have now, and another that only accepts teams. Nothing to stop a team from queuing publicly in the general one, but the other that's restricted to 5 man teams and has higher rewards. Banning teamwork in the general queue wasn't what I was going for, rather have a high-reward option for teams. So you can play in private matches against fleetmates and earn some marks, even join the regular queue to try out whoever you end up with, be it pug or premade, then work up the nerve to queue up for the public team fights. I don't think there should be a block on an OPVP pugmade joining it or restrictions on players being from the same fleet or anything. Just better rewards, and honestly I think the winners should get more. Instead of trying to prevent premades or pugmades from facing pugs I'd rather make playing other teams become more attractive. Carrot, not stick.