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02-27-2013, 12:16 PM
While I appreciate you 3, you do realize you know nothing of what is going on with my account, so do yourself a favor and dont post here. I am guessing you all missed the point this has been ongoing over 3 tickets for 60+ days?

I been around since closed beta, and I keep tabs on the game. I am well aware of all changes, issues and the like, this is just a string in long line of complete incompetent foul ups by the company governing this game.

I can not say anymore to this as my legal advisory has requested all communication comes through him now. I just have the means to actually pursue this through those means. No more shoddy work, but since money has changed hands and over state lines this could lead to, from what I have been advised, to a criminal issue.

I have been requested to see if the issue is fixed in the next 30 days, if so, then I will defer to my legal counsel advise, if not, then he will represent my interested in this further and directly.

be well all, clock is ticking.