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Ok so I go into a PUG arena as a Fed Eng in a Fleet Excel - normally any pvp is with my KDF fleet but I thought I would try out the Fed Character. I am not a big pvper anyways - just starting out.

Well lets just say it was mostly me being attacked continously because the other 4 were gone 10 seconds after respawn.

I was facing almost continous fire from a Krenn Destroyer, 2 Fleet Hoh'SuS, and a fleet Tor'kat - the 5th was a recluse but to slow to keep up. (it was a partial pre-made on the KDF side with 3 from the KDF German fleet)

Anyways the longest I could hold out was about 40 seconds under this firepower.

I need better BO layout for defense, but the other Feds were saying as Engineer I should be healing people - true but if you are going to blow up every 5 second how can healing you help?

So boff help(they are all Saurian with warp efficency)

Tac - TT1, TS2, BO3

Cmd eng - EPts1, ATB1, RSP2, AcB3(think I should ditch the Aceton)

lt eng - ET1, Eptw2

ens eng - ET1

Lt Sci - HE1, PH2

Gear is MACO M12 sheild, Borg, eng, deflector

Eng - Assim mod, tach convertor M11 Neut, M11 Mono

Sci - 2 x M11 Field Gen

Any changes to increase survivablity?

Doffs - 2 purple cons for TT - 2 purple Tech - 1 purple warp core tech

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