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*R.S.S. Matthew Neilson. The Borg-Synthesiser Vessel is now on viewscreen. Matt is staring grimly at it.*

Matt: How long?

John: It'll hit weapons range in 5 minutes. The Forward Vanguard is already in range.

Matt: Strike Force Alpha, engage. Taragi, tell your ships to open fire.

*The "Ghost" Fighters start heading towards the Cylinder, with the Raptors following as escort.

The Iconian Forward Vanguard open fire with their Antimatter Beam Guns. The Massive White Beams slam into the Cylinder's shields, doing no damage.

I.C.S. Dor'kat'a.*

Taragi: This is the Dor'kat'a! Our weapons are having no effect!

*OOC: Remember, Iconian guns have low rate of fire, but are more powerful than anything else in the Galaxy (That rule applies to the Cylinder's antimatter guns as well, but she has a lot more of them) so that should give you a gauge on both the Cylinder's attacking power, and defensive power.*

Matt *Over Comm.*: Just distract them long enough for Alpha Wing to begin their assault!

*Matthew Neilson, Bridge.*

Matt: Forrester to Preston, if you could spare anymore ships, we'd appreciate it!

Keep in mind, if this thing gets past us, there's nothing between it and Earth, and we won't get a chance to attack once she enters the Kazaran Cluster.

*The Cylinder begins firing on the Iconian Forces.

I.C.C. Dor'kat'a.*

Taragi: Taragi to Matthew Forrester! I just lost 5 of my ships! There are at least 20 Antimatter guns on the front of that thing!

*Matthew Neilson.*

Matt: Acknowledged! Hold your position as long as you can!

Alpha Wing, time to target?!

Pilot *Over comm*: 5 minutes!
*The Battle is beginning to heat up, with all the Iconian ships firing (even the heavily damaged ones) but having little effect. The Cylinder has begun ignoring the Iconian Vessels.

Alpha Wing and her Strike Group are nearing the Cylinder, and the escorts launch their antimatter scatter pods, hoping to blind the Cylinder's sensors. Alpha Wing phases past the Cylinder's shields and launch their payload of Trilithium Missiles towards where the Vinculum should be. The blast almost completely engulfs the cylinder in a bright light, with Alpha Wing's shields barely holding.

R.S.S. Matthew Neilson, Bridge. The whole bridge erupts in cheering, which goes silent when the blast dies down. Aside from a large number of the Cylinder's Armor plates in the central area, there is almost no damage.*

Matt: We barely scratched it!

*Alpha Wing swoops around again, this time heading for the forward Antimatter Gun array.

They launch their last missiles, and achieve the same result, save knocking 2 of the guns offline.*

Ops: Same result.

Matt: The plan was that Alpha Wing would be able to lower their shields with the attacks. Their phase generators won't work again.

Will: Sir, the Valiant could graze the enemy ship's shields with her own. The disruption might allow Alpha Wing to punch through the shields on the opposite side of the Cylinder.

Matt: Do it.
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