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02-27-2013, 11:52 AM
Also the issue with the "bug" that keeps your the leadership bonus even at 0 crew is much more complicated. Because currently, the more crew you have, the LESS effective the natural healing is, because it takes longer for large ship to replenish crew. Total crew numbers have no effect on the repair rate, just the % of living crew.

An escort with 200 crew (or even the idiotic bug ship with 50 crew) profits from natural hull regen much more, than a cruiser with 1000 crew. When such cruiser blows up, it takes several minutes to get the crew back.

So if anything is imba here, is how small crew ships, like the retarded bug ship, gets all the goodies, while the big ships eat most the negatives.

If any change should happen, then that the hull repair gained should be linked to the total number of crew. Large ship = large bonus, small ship = small bonus.