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02-27-2013, 11:54 AM
Originally Posted by dalnar83 View Post
Well well, both sides aren't balanced from the start anyway. I do not like to use this argument, but all klingon ships have extra "cloak" for free. The lower hull hps are compensated by the turn rate (even tho we both know its not a fair trade).

Now I do not like one side neglected by content, and I quite do not understand why there is no 5 tac console escort on KDF side, or more science choices, but I hardly think Leadership trait on boffs affects the balance between KDF and FED.

If I accept that superior turn rate and cloak are perks for klingons, well by same logic I understand that superiorly trained and disciplined crew and especially engineers in starfleet should have effect via leadership.

For me, stacking romulan boffs for invisibile, undetectable bops is much more gamebreaking than extra 150% hull regen outside of combat at the cost of crit boffs.

Spikes kill, and elite fleet shields are much more game-breaking than this.
Well if you really want to get into balance... Not all klingon ships get free cloak... only the low hull low shield Klingon variety. Of course you can claim ya but but the turn... come on there cruisers all it means is people throw cannons on... which is fine for pugs but isn't really viable outside of that.

Klingons still don't have any more then 1 sci ship that is and has always been the real balance issue. It doesn't matter how many battle cruisers we bring if the fed team has 2 half decent sci sci on the team. At that point Klinks loose almost every time badly.