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*The Battle is beginning to heat up, with all the Iconian ships firing (even the heavily damaged ones) but having little effect. The Cylinder has begun ignoring the Iconian Vessels.

Alpha Wing and her Strike Group are nearing the Cylinder, and the escorts launch their antimatter scatter pods, hoping to blind the Cylinder's sensors. Alpha Wing phases past the Cylinder's shields and launch their payload of Trilithium Missiles towards where the Vinculum should be. The blast almost completely engulfs the cylinder in a bright light, with Alpha Wing's shields barely holding.

R.S.S. Matthew Neilson, Bridge. The whole bridge erupts in cheering, which goes silent when the blast dies down. Aside from a large number of the Cylinder's Armor plates in the central area, there is almost no damage.*

Matt: We barely scratched it!

*Alpha Wing swoops around again, this time heading for the forward Antimatter Gun array.

They launch their last missiles, and achieve the same result, save knocking 2 of the guns offline.*

Ops: Same result.

Matt: The plan was that Alpha Wing would be able to lower their shields with the attacks. Their phase generators won't work again.

Will: Sir, the Valiant could graze the enemy ship's shields with her own. The disruption might allow Alpha Wing to punch through the shields on the opposite side of the Cylinder.

Matt: Do it.
*The plan works and Alpha WIng heads back to their respective vessels. Once Alpha Wing docks, the Cylinder reaches the rest of the fleet.*

All ships, stand by.


*The whole fleet begins firing with Omega Weapons, Zero Point Weapons, Shedai Weapons, Antimatter Guns and Disruptors, but their is little damage.

(OOC: Iconian Weapons are pretty close in power to Shedai Weapons, remember.)

The Cylinder starts firing Shield Neutraliser Bolts, followed by Energy Dampeners. One of these volleys is directed at the Matthew Neilson.*

Brace yourselves! Divert emergency power to forward shields!

*The Neutraliser takes out the forward shield, and the Energy Dampener disengages all power.*

What the hell...?

*Another volley hits the Republic, having the same effect.

R.S.S. Republic, Bridge.*

Sam: Energy Dampeners.

*She taps her control panel, which is black.*

Bridge to Engineering.

Ops: I'll go.

*The Ops lieutenant leaves his station and walks to the turbolift, which fails to open.*

David: Great, no tertiary power.

Sam: Which means the MAMs aren't compensating.

David: Which means we've lost the main computer.

Sam: What do the MAMs power?

David: Life Support, Environmental Control, Artificial Gravity.

Sam: So we have no Inertial Dampeners, no Structural Integrity Field, and no Deflector Field?

David: Right... uh oh.

No Inertial Dampeners means that if anything hits us--

*Sam and David rush into their seats.*

Sam: Half the crew is going to get knocked into bulkheads.

Brace for Impact!

*Outside, the Excalibur has also lost power, but it suddenly comes back.

She manoeuvres to begin firing on the Cylinder.

I.C.S. Dor'kat'a, Bridge. Taragi looks as the Cylinder gets closer to his ship's position.*

Taragi: Our weapons have no effect, and the Command Vessel is out of commission.

Who's left in command?

Commander Dorani: I believe that is you, Supreme Commander.

Taragi: I have little experience with these "Borg".

*A Tech looks up from the sub-level.*

Tech: I believe they're skilled at adapting to energy weapons.

*This catches Taragi's attention.*

Taragi: Energy types or Weapon Modulations?

Tech: Modulations, I believe.

Taragi: All ships, rotate your weapon modulations after every shot! Give them everything you have!

*The Iconian Forces fire all their Antimatter Guns (at a reduced rate, due to the modulation rotation), now beginning to do damage.

Two Federation Cruisers warp in and head for the disabled portion of the fleet.*

Starfleet Captain 1 *Over comm*: This is U.S.S. Bermuda, on station. We're heading to restore power to the R.S.S. Matthew Neilson and R.S.S. Republic. U.S.S. Montgomery Scott is on stand-by to assist any other disabled vessel.

*The Bermuda stops between the two Matthew Neilson-Class Vessels and engages a power transfer with each. This jumpstarts the Power Grids on both ships, bringing them back into the fight.

The Fleet begins focusing fire on the Cylinder's Forward Guns, starting to deal more damage.

Cylinder Bridge.*

Sam 2: This is getting dull. Destroy them.

DeSalle: Agreed.

*The Cylinder fires one of her Antimatter Guns at the Dor'kat'a.

On the Dor'kat'a's Bridge, Taragi sees the incoming blast.*

Taragi: Intensify Forward Shield Facing.

*The blast gets closer.*


Tech: It's too late!

*The Blast slams into her shields, and another into the hull (the Dor'kat'a's helmsman initiated evasive action however, and the blast hit the armour plating away from the critical areas.

Sparks fly on the bridge as some consoles overload on the sub-level, resulting in sharp cries of shock and pain from the Techs working those stations.*

Taragi: Damage Report!

Dorani: Hull breach on Decks 150 through 198! The damage was contained by the armour and outer bulkheads! No critical areas or systems were affected!

Taragi: Understood.

*Cylinder Bridge.*

Sam 2: We're getting through.

DeSalle: Yes, but not fast enough. Call in your support.

*Sam 2 nods and turns away, her blue irises turning silver for a second.*

Sam 2: Done.

*Dor'kat'a Bridge.*

Tech: Supreme Commander, I'm reading Subspace distortions. It reads as a Gateway opening!

Taragi: On Display.

*The Holographic display fades to show several large Gateway apertures.*

I didn't authorise any of our forces to Gate jump.

*Several Cylinders (much like the ones encountered in the Iconian home Galaxy) appear out of the apertures.*


*R.S.S. Matthew Neilson, Bridge. Matt scrambles into his seat and hits the comm panel.*

R.S.S. Republic, take the U.S.S. Saritoga and U.S.S. San Diego and engage those Synthesiser Vessels before they get a chance to flank us!

I.R.W. Donatra, we need support!

Vala *Over comm*: My forces are still engaged with a Republic Fleet at Beta Lankel!

Matt: R.S.S. Matthew Neilson to Preston, I need your forces to lay off the Romulans or the Synthesisers are going to turn your Capital to ash!

Taragi, two of your Support Cruisers are damaged and hanging at the back of your formation. Can you send them to aid the Republic?

Taragi *Over comm*: They are on their way.

*The Republic's make-shift strike group consists of the Republic (naturally), an Allen-Class Cruiser (The Saritoga), a Ross-Class Escort (The San Diego. Similar size and firepower to a Prometheus-Class (With Zero-point and Omega Weaponry)), and 2 Iconian Support Cruisers (the I.S.S. (Iconian Support Ship) Lenaka and the I.S.S. Al'ken'ta (They have one Forward Main Antimatter Gun, with a much lower rate than on the Motherships, and 5 Secondary Guns, with 3 forward Zeta Torpedo Launchers and 1 Aft Torpedo Launcher)).

The Republic and San Diego lay into one Synthesiser Cruiser with their ZPCs (and the Republic's ZPBs) and Quantum-phasic Torpedoes. The Cruiser responds by firing on the Republic, hitting her shields and taking them down to 20%. The two ships do however succeed in breaking through her armour, but her shields are holding at 62%.

The Iconian Ships engage 2 Cruisers, and prove to be an even match (even though damaged), breaking through the Synthesiser Shields after 2-3 volleys (though the Synthesisers accomplish the same much faster, the Synthesiser Vessels have less Armour.) and mange to destroy both ships, but at the cost of the Lenaka.

The Saritoga extends her shields around the surviving Iconian ship as the Lenaka's explosion hits it.

There are 10 Synthesiser Vessels, outnumbering Sam's wing.

The Cylinder is almost through the Defence Fleet, who are now resorting to ramming attacks (Klingons and Federation) and Shield-grazing (Everyone else plus other Federation Ships) in an attempt to break through her shields.

Suddenly, the Cylinder launches another shield neutraliser at the Republic, knocking her shields out again. The Republic quickly activates her Neutronium Armour Dispensers.

On the Republic's Bridge, a Synthesiser Beams over and grabs Sam, beaming both out before the Crew can react.*

T'mar: Sam!

David: Captain!

*The Cylinder jumps to warp, entering the Kazaran cluster in seconds before slowing to impulse to navigate the Cluster of Black Holes.

R.S.S. Matthew Neilson, Bridge.*

Matt: We failed.

*He slumps into his Command Chair, covering his face with his hands.*

There's no way to stop them now before they reach Earth.

*The Synthesiser Ships start to Gate out.*

All ships, prepare for Fold-Jump.

Will: Sir, where are we headed?

Matt: Where else?

*He raises his head again.*

Earth. Whether the Republic wants us there or not.

*OOC: To make this clear, you can't pursue the Cylinder into the Cluster. Her engines are powerful enough to resist the Gravitational pull of the Singularities, but ours aren't. One singularity? Sure. But a whole cluster? Nope.

Also, the idea is that the war's left no real threat between the Cylinder and Sol, since all the ships were focused on the Frontlines.

And, don't interrupt the whole thing with Sam. I'm going somewhere with this.

P.S. I split this into two posts to make it easier to read (went really well. Instead of one giant wall of text, I ended up with one small wall of text, and one big wall of text. lol ).

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