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I see that you have already been contacted by an RP fleet, however it is definitely worth giving you some options. Hence, I am here to promote the 5th Special Operations Division to you.

A basic rundown of our fleet is as follows:

We are a dedicated RP fleet, that has ongoing events and a continuing storyline. We have experienced some rapid growth as of late from dedicated members (this I reference in terms of RP growth as well as Fleet level growth). We have an ever developing storyline, and our administrative team is very easy to communicate with and takes consideration from all of our members. There is room to have a significant role in the fleet if you wish, or you can enjoy the fleet as a member.

I won't bother to go into full detail, as I invite younto take a look at our forum thead (linked below). You will also see that we have an operational website that you can check out additionally. If you have questions feel free to comment on the thread (bumps appreciated), and we will respond in kind. Alternatively, you can contact @ubermatten or @kpts4tv in game for additional information.

Cheers, and good hunting!