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02-27-2013, 12:31 PM
Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
Once the mission is published, it should not be removed. The only exception to this would be if for some reason players are saying they can't complete it and you need to fix something so they can. Feel free to fix spelling, etc. after the voting ends

I'm not sure about a text editor, but I know the team knows it's a requested feature. I don't know of any concrete plans, but maybe one day!


Brandon =/\=
Thank you for an instant response - wow, very quick indeed.

If you don't mind, in the future, maybe you should mention this in the submitting thread - if you haven't already that is. I'm sure it's very useful information to first time entries.

"Temporal Investigations" is my first ever submit, and is also my first ever mission I've made in the foundry, so wooo, why not?!

I'll defiantly correct my spelling mistake when I can, luckily it isn't anything major.

Ah yes, maybe one day indeed! Lets hope so!

Will you be playing any of the missions? Hope you enjoy them if you do!

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