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02-27-2013, 12:40 PM
Originally Posted by havam View Post
just that none of what the op describes is part of that list. My ship has no aceton, no leach, no polaron, no siphon drones. So screw you whinner. Fed's keep whinning about KDF toys, just as in this thread.

So yes a full team with all these toys can completely shut a target down. Just as a full team of OP fed ships with phasers, virals, danoobs can completely shut a ship down. Tough luck.

Sorry you keep loosing to evil klingons and want them nerfed. ALl the shiney fed toys with 5 tac consoles, and hangar pets, better shield mods, can't save you. Too bad. KDF toys are fine, FED carebears suck at PvP, that is the problem.
You really cannot read can you?

Let me spell it out for you in big easy to understand language in a pretty red colour just to get your evil klingon blood boiling over a bit more:

one ship, that is not more than one and not less than one, ONE. It was an orb weaver, it drained me to almost zero power. I doubt you will understand that and even if you do your will refute it. I play KDF too and of course I have the leech, name me one PvPer that doesn't? This is about a build that is available that is massively OP and needs a serious nerf. I do not want to see the leech go Fed side, nor do I want to see the god forsaken freaking acetons go fed side either, if they would be nerfed from existence I would be happier, leech can stay.

Oh, and like a typical klink that can't ever beat anyone alone and without sneaking up behind your honourless cloak I see you've brought a mate to defend you. Good cuz you're about to get nerfed LOL, bring it on, see you in the arena sonny.

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