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02-27-2013, 01:02 PM
Originally Posted by apocalypse2001 View Post
yes, mixed equipment is always a good idea. Depending on your class, and whether or not you want to tank with the ship, use either (if science) Omega shield, borg engine and, deflector. If you are an engineer, use M.A.C.O. shield and two borg equipment. Or, M.A.C.O shield and deflector and borg engine. (Personally on the lower class galaxy, as with my Intrepid i use full Aegis set, nut i digress...).

Tell you what, send me a mail to @apocalypse2001, and let me know the following: what class you are, at what level your reputation is with Romulan and Omega, and what level your embassy is at for Science, and I'll create a viable build for you.
Oh that's very nice, but you don't have to do that, i know that's a lot of work.

I'm just a crazy guy trying to outgun some Escorts with his Galaxy Class.

Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
well, phasers are an old favorite, and i just like using them on fed ships for RPer like reasons. to get the most out of DEM though, disruptor. to get the most out of tet glider, tetyron. ether hybrid would work well too. this ship isn't likely to be hitting hull directly through a down facing, so the cutting beam is of little use. that goes for anything not using DHCs really.
True, using the Cutting Beam on that ship won't be any good.
And no "Omega Weapon Amplifier", i think i can live with that, since most of the time weapon power is at 100 - 125 and more (i think).
Since i won't be able to smash enemies shields anyway i think i switch to Disruptor cannons+turrets. Combined with Romulan Mk X Plasma Infused Consoles i hope they will do a good amount of bleedthrough damage.

Thanks guys

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