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02-27-2013, 02:11 PM
Originally Posted by jonathanlonehawk View Post
Can we PLEASE get phaser hybrid weapons with phaser as the base damage? There are currently 3 flavors of Disruptor hybrid weapons: The Galor weapons (phaser proc), Polarized Disruptors (polaron proc) and the Plasma-Disruptor Hybrid weapons from Past Imperfect (plasma proc). There are no phaser hybrid weapons, lots of other weapons with a phaser proc, but none with phaser damage as the base (so we can use our phaser relays)

We have many ships that almost require you to run phasers:

Galaxy Dreadnought, Chimera, Vesta, Kumari, and to a lesser extent Defiant (if you want to use the quads). So it would be nice to actually use hybrids since they are the probably the most powerful/versatile weapons.

Although I just thought of a way to make a lot of people happy...

Make it so a hybrid weapon can use either Tac Console for damage. IE Polarized disruptors can use either disruptor coils or polaron phase modulators.

That way I can use my Galor weapons with my awesome new Andorian ship and not lose out on the cool/fun consoles.

Please make it so.
I remember one podcast where there was an interview where when it was being discussed if PWE was going to be selling different colored weaponry and I can't remember which dev it was but probally one still employed by Cryptic said they wouldn't do that. Which is the same issue there like for example and I don't know if you are pvper or not but the people big on pvp would have an issue which they would be right that if you are able to make multiple choices it would fall along the same lines of not actually knowing which type of damage is being hurled at them to better anticipate defending themselves.

So with my wall of text they said they weren't going to sell different colored version of various weapons which they have kept true too. In the end though if you were able to just pick which it would be based off of that would break that guideline that was put into play as what I would think would be a line that wouldn't be crossed until the federation has plasmonic leech and battle cloaks.