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I'd agree with that especially the teaching kids right and wrong stuff. I don't think people even bother to monitor their kids anymore. Every time I watch the local news I end up screaming "Where the heck were your parents?". Heck, kids today are why I paid for alarm systems, motion sensors all through my yard and weapons in the house. I'm gettin' too old to fight someone 30 years younger, but if ya break in here you'd better bring an ambulance.

Kids scare me. (I'm almost fifty...anyone under 25 is a kid to me)
Do you honestly think things were any differnent fifty years ago? With motorcycle gangs, hippies and war protestors?

How about a hundered and fifty years ago? Ever see Gangs of New York?

Every generation assumes their children's generation is the downfall of society. Except it never is. Every generation produces its share of obnoxious and/or violent idiots. These people wind up on TV a lot and everyone else supposes that society must be doomed, because of "kids today." But at least 90% of kids today are in school, studying hard, mostly obeying their parents and will turn out alright.

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