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tal: very well we already have 450 more ships ready at earth plus here defense grid.Once we get they get there though it will become hell. Earth is already moving everyone it can but you know as well as i do that not even a fraction of people will make it off the planet.I cannot ask your ships or the rebels to come and most possible die in defense of earth.I know what you will all do but it is your choice now what you do.

Tal walks around the bridge his armor a dark crimson. There forces where so close and then they where gone. This time they will not escape he will see to that.
*The Iconian Ships open the Apertures and the Fed and Klingon ships start moving. The Republic (of Untied Star Systems) and Romulan ships fold jump into Earth Orbit. The Iconians make sure that by the time the Fed and Klingon vessels are through, there is room for the Shedai to enter the apertures.

Meanwhile, aboard the Cylinder. Sam is restrained to a wall in a silver room, apparently constructed of Synthesiser chips. The chips are protruding against her back as a small bump pattern. She's hit by a fist and her head is knocked to the left as she lets out a small cry of pain. Her nose is bleeding and there's a small cut on her left cheek. Her mouth is also starting to bleed. Her head hangs for a few seconds before she gathers the strength to look up, breathing faintly and narrowing her eyes into a glare towards Sam 2, who is the one striking her.*

Sam 2: I've been wanting to do this for a long time.

*She hits her again, this time in the gut, and Sam reels from it, coughing. She then looks up again, after a few seconds, before getting hit by a left hook to the face. Again, her head hangs while she gets the strength to look up again.*

Sam *strained, filled with exhaustion and pain*: You're so pathetic!

Sam 2: Me?

*She hits Sam again with a right hook.*

I'm not the one getting beaten to a pulp here.

*DeSalle walks in, looking at Sam before glaring at Sam 2.*

DeSalle: I need her alive, Sam!

*She brushes past Sam 2 and grabs Sam's neck, pushing her back against the wall.*

Where is it, Captain?

*Sam stays quiet.*

What happened to the sarcastic young idiot that I met 4 years ago?

Sam *Strained, exhausted, painful, angry*: She's taking a time out until SHE *she tries to **** her head towards Sam 2* gets the crap beaten out of her.

Sam 2: Says the girl who's bleeding all over her face. Though, saying that, it's probably an improvement.

*Sam glares at her and DeSalle just stares at her, amused and surprised at the stupidity of the insult.*

DeSalle: You look identical, idiot.

Sam 2: We won't when I'm done rearranging her face.

DeSalle: I still need her. Once I have what I need, do whatever you want with her.

*She looks at Sam again.*

The pendant. Now.

Sam *Strained, exhausted, painful, angry*: Go... to... hell...

DeSalle: Been there... done that. Once you've been betrayed by your own people and left to die - TWICE... you don't need hell.

*She tightens her grip around Sam's throat, starting to strangle her.*

Where... is it?

Sam *Strained, exhausted, painful, struggling to breath*: Not... your... busine...

*She starts to choke. Sam 2 looks at DeSalle.*

Sam 2: You're wasting your time. She won't tell you that way.

*DeSalle releases her, and Sam coughs as she tries to get air back into her lungs. Sam 2 walks up to her face.*

Besides, I know exactly where she'd put it.

*She punches Sam again before grabbing her head and turning it to the left while using her right hand to feel for a chain behind her neck. She grabs the chain and pulls the necklace holding the pendant off of Sam, handing it to DeSalle.*

DeSalle: How do I activate it?

Sam *Strained, exhausted, painful, angry*: Screw... you...

*DeSalle starts to walk out, before stopping and turning to Sam 2.*

DeSalle: Come on.

Sam 2: One minute.

*DeSalle walks out. Sam 2 grabs Sam by the throat, pulling her forward before slamming her into the wall, eliciting a short, sharp, muffled cry of pain from Sam.*

The second she's done with you, I'm going to make you realise just how many bones you have in that pathetic Human body! You're gonna wish I'd killed you back on Iconia!

Sam *Strained, exhausted, painful, angry*: You want me...? Release the restraints and kill me fairly...

*Sam 2 smiles, before pulling Sam forward and slamming her into the wall again, resulting in another muffled cry. Sam 2 pulls herself to Sam's ear, whispering in a sharp, hateful tone now.*

Sam 2 *whispering, hateful*: I may just do that SISTER!

You left me for dead on Iconia, and back at DS61! It's payback time!

*She releases Sam, who hangs her head for a few seconds as Sam 2 turns to leave, getting a meter away before Sam manages to look up again.*

Sam *Strained, exhausted, painful, angry*: You too scared to disobey your Borg friend? Or are you just her lackey?!

*Sam 2 lets out a small chuckle, before tensing her fists and roundhouse kicking Sam in the face, letting out an angry grunt and causing Sam to let out a sharp cry of pain before she starts to faintly groan. Sam 2 glares at her with an intense hatred for a few seconds before turning and walking out of the room.*

OOC: Yeah, I really wanted to focus on Sam and Sam 2's deteriorating relationship - meaning they've gone from hating eachother's guts to... well, Sam still hates Sam 2's guts, but Sam 2 wants to do worse than just kill Sam with her bare hands now - she wants to tear her apart piece by piece.

Yes, this is going to intensify as we reach the Battle for Earth, but I won't spoil what's going to happen.

Think about it, Sam 2's been mocking Sam in her head, joking about killing her husband (actually bragging that she did at one point a few years ago, and again a few days ago (story time)), and she's been trying to get under Sam's skin for years through various means, while Sam threw Sam 2 into a Warp Core (in self defence), threatened to kill her people (an idle threat), beat Sam 2 into a bloody pulp at Iconia before leaving her for dead (from Sam 2's point of view), and has tried to get under Sam 2's skin at every violent encounter. Yeah, I think they're going to be pretty p***ed at eachother.

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