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02-27-2013, 01:21 PM
Originally Posted by phoenix234567 View Post
A beautiful line-up of some of Starfleet's more iconic vessels.

Although I have to say that I'm quite surprised to actually see a Galaxy class here
given that the folks over at Cryptic actually envisioned the Enterprise-D to look quite different
from what used to see on the screen.

As evidenced here:

Your link goes to a blank page, with a little 'No deeplinking please!' in the upper left corner.

Originally Posted by tomin8r View Post
It is truly ridiculous that they choose to spotlight obvious errors and bugs in their ships.
If I remember correctly, the only 'obvious' bug that a non-Trek fan could actually see is the Enterprise-A nacelle that you've already mentioned... then they'd move on because it's a minor visual bug, as opposed to many other more important ones.

So I highly doubt it's even on the scale of ridiculousness, let alone have a spot there. My two cents
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