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02-27-2013, 01:24 PM
Originally Posted by seekerkorhil View Post
The Leadership captain skill is currently broken.

A fleet mate of mine and I were just comparing our passive hull regen rate. We both have 2 humans equipped and we had the same Hull Repair skill (both 114).

I had 150% passive hull regen per minute.

He had 216% passive hull regen per minute.

The ONLY difference between us is he has the captain Leadership trait.

There is no way it should be giving a 60+% boost.

At first we thought it was doubleing the effect of his BOs but when he removed one it only dropped by the correct 20%.

TLDR: The Leadership captain trait is giving +60% passive hull regen instead of 20%.
Are you both in the same ship? The bonus from leadership is not a flat 20%/min; it is modified by the base hull repair rate of the ship (which depends on ship class) and skill in "Starship Hull Repair". Also, check if he has the Borg 2-piece bonus; that grants +35%/min to hull repair rate and +10 to "Starship Hull Repair".

For the details, see this post:

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