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02-27-2013, 02:00 PM
Uh, before I continue can I address one thing? Although I may sometimes feel useless in Khitomer Vortex it has more to do with a) the team not communicating or b) the teams expectations to be disproportionate. What I mean by that is, that for some reason recently in PuGs people have gotten it into their heads that one person should guard the Portal from both waves of Probes-which is why I mentioned not being able to kill them quickly (or maybe I was just being overly honest...). Speaking with both the people I have started to do premades with and a very talented Escort pilot both say it shouldn't be done that way, is unnecessarily difficult, is not fun and increases the risk of failure. I could easily fend off one wave of Probes if someone else got the other side and people did that STF right. In all the premades I've done, even on the KDF side where I have a Tactical Captain and I'm the one with the pure firepower there have always been two guards at the Portal. Then again, I do premades now so people expecting too much or too little of me in PuGs isn't going to bother me much anymore.

Also, no I don't want Gravity Well to be buffed. Nor do I want it nerfed. I just said it would be appreciated if it was buffed. I'm not going to start a thread demanding it be buffed just because I happen to use it a lot.

Now, to the rest of it. I've heard that the Carriers are better at dealing damage but if Cruisers annoy me now with their turn rates then Carriers are just going to do the same and more XD. But then I don't have a Carrier. Might pick one up at some point though, just out of curiousity. I hear the Recluse is pretty good. But I'm sure I'll probably end up going back to my Mirror Reconnaissance Science Vessel.

I also am loving the tips from my fellow Science Captains. I didn't know that Repulsors caused shield ignoring damage though! That opens up a lot more ideas. One of my favourite things to do is to fire a Tachyon Beam at someone, throw a Grav Well at them and then catch them in a Borg, or normal, Tractor Beam whitst they're trying to escape and then watch them fall back into it heh.

Also that boost is Evasive Manouvres I think, speed and turn boost. I'm starting to realise how useful it is.

So, it seems that sci/sci is fine if you learn it right then. There is nothing wrong with it and not every person in a sci ship is automatically useless if they're not in a Vesta or Carrier. Good to know. Now if only we could get Cryptic to unnerf the Sci abilities...

I like the idea of a boost per the poster above me though! Say Sci Captains get a small boost to their Sci specific abilities and Boff skills for pairing up with the 'right' ship, and the same for Engineers and Tacticals. That'd be interesting-and the 'wrong' Captain couldn't abuse it either.

Oh yeah before I go again, I tried my main ship in PvP earlier. It really does shine in a team setting and isn't nearly as weak and toothless as half the stuff on here was starting to make me think. In fact I got six kills and no deaths (and it was 2-vs-2). My partner in his Escort (Tactical Kumari) also got 15 kills no deaths-because we were working together.
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