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Originally Posted by sander233 View Post
Do you honestly think things were any differnent fifty years ago? With motorcycle gangs, hippies and war protestors?

How about a hundered and fifty years ago?
Huh? Dude I'm not 175 years old. Do you think I'm a Time Lord or something?

Ever see Gangs of New York?
Nope. Can't stand Leonardo Dicaprio.

Every generation assumes their children's generation is the downfall of society. Except it never is. Every generation produces its share of obnoxious and/or violent idiots. These people wind up on TV a lot and everyone else supposes that society must be doomed, because of "kids today." But at least 90% of kids today are in school, studying hard, mostly obeying their parents and will turn out alright.
Show me where I said anything about the fall of society and how "when I was a kid we were angels". Because I didn't. I did say "kids today" so maybe I should have just said "some kids". But its not like I said "In my day we left our doors unlocked and kids helped old ladies cross the street". We didn't.

I'm not naive, whats different is that I am not 30 years old, and I said I'm too old to have to wrestle with someone 30 years or younger than I am. Nowhere in that post did I say the downfall of society. And I've had my house broken into before....thankfully no one was home. It won't happen again. Paranoid? Well, yes, yes I am. After some jack *** firing bullets at one house next door because his girlfriend had an issue with the guy living there with his THREE YEAR OLD DAUGHTER. (Thankfully no one was hurt) You'll have to excuse me if I turn on local news and hear about kids shooting a family to death in a convenience store near here, or raping a female less than 5 miles from my home and feel a little concerned about my home family and safety. I didn't know that trying to safeguard my home and family would be so offensive.

Frankly I don't care if there were gangs roaming the countryside 150 years ago. But I do know that there are people around now that don't have a problem breaking into house, or even shooting someone over the stupidest things. They had to change the 24 hour walmart near the post to closing at 10 open at 9 because too many teenagers...not soldiers, not crazed drug addicts....were going in there at night and wrecking the place and yes, shooting each other in the parking lot. The parlking lot became a sort of hang out spot after the clubs closed or something. It was a zoo. The mall began kicking anyone under 18 out unless they had a parent with them this past fall for similar problems. So yeah, sorry if my wife and I looked at each other and said "Whats wrong with these kids, and where are their parents?".

Maybe I'm just officially old now and I'm exercising my right to be cranky and paranoid. (Though as stated, I'm not 175, so whatever happened 150 years ago doesn't fit into my home defense plans. Though I would build a moat if I could.)

And yes, I do tell people to stay off of my lawn.

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