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02-27-2013, 02:36 PM
Quick Comment on OPs build so far: Your Tactical Consoles are fine. XD

Now as for the rest of it, your fore weapons are fine too, and your current rear weapons are fine, but you CAN run a 5th Rommie BA on your back, because your experimental doesn't use up any energy. That would just leave you with your KCB and 5 Rommie BAs using up energy, which I believe is only a drain of 58. One EPtW2 combined with base 125 weapons power will almost completely nullify that and keep you above 100 weapons power easily (if not slightly below). The hyper plasma also works fine, and also is ideal due to your boosted plasma damage (rommie weapons set).

As for your Engi Consoles, if this is PvE, I would recommend 2x Neutronium, 1x Monotanium and 1x RCS (or 2x Monotanium, and no RCS). As for your science consoles? Put your zero point and borg module there. If you are worried about threat generation, just put 4 or 5 points into threat control.

Now for BOffs. Your Universal Lt to sci with that ability set is fine. What smokeybacon said about your tac BOffs is probably the best idea. TT1, BFAW2, APO1 and TS1 is probably one of the better AoE damage and general damage output setup on the Imperial. However the Engineering BOffs is where I disagree with both of you. What I would run:

Cmdr Engi: ET1, EPtW2, EPtS3, Aux2SIF3
Lt Engi: EPtS1, EPtW2

Reason is that you want the EPtS3. It makes your shields stupidly resilient (something like a 30% damage resistance bonus for the duration), and adds on a TON of power to your shields (somewhere around 40 I believe, depending on your EPS skill, which adds on even MORE resilience and additional regeneration). It's not as powerful as RSP2, but it's more useful, since you can have it up constantly (with the DOffs which I will mention next), instead of once ever 2 minutes. And it's effects last for 30 seconds, compared to the 10 seconds of RSP2. Also weapons power is VERY important on BA cruisers, hence the EPtW2, and the second copy is again if your DOffs don't proc. As for the ET1, it's for when you aren't under fire or get hit by a VM. You can use it to heal an ally or heal yourself. Aux2SIF3 is just universally useful. And the EPtS1 is in case your DOffs don't proc and you need a quick shield bolster.

DOffs? Here's what I would run:

Conn Officer x2 purple (TT cd reducer)
DCE x2 purple (blue works fine here)
WCE purple (blue works fine here)

The only MUST BE PURPLES are the conn officers. Two purples will reduce your CD by 16 seconds (turns into 15 due to CD rules) but that will give you 66% uptime on your TT1, and you can cycle just one copy. I can see no downsides to that. The double DCE are to make sure your EPtX is constantly up (mostly for the EPtS3, if you can constantly cycle that, almost everything has trouble getting through your shields). And the WCE is just mostly for EPtW2, making that one a little stronger. But when it procs on EPtS3, sufficed to say your shields become insanely strong as well.

Just my 2 long winded ECs XD.
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