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# 1 If aliens landed today
02-27-2013, 03:46 PM
If alins landed today in a public view that can't be covered up (seen by too many people, televised, etc) do you think people would accept it or freak the heck out?

Even if they were friendly well meaning "we want to be friends" aliens, I think it would be pandemonium. It'd be interesting to watch in a "we are so messed up" kinda way. (except that I'm still technically in the military on terminal leave so I'd be recalled most likely. Then I'd be pissed. Stupid aliens.)

The only thing that would make it really funny is if they were actually Vulcans from the planet Vulcan. Then you'd have diehard fans erecting churches and wearing fake pointy ears and stuff.

But since they're more likely to be little green or grey men, that would really make people go nuts. Even if the aliens said "Look, if you guys can get all of your world leaders to meet with us we'll tell you how to solve all of these issues you have that are making you kill yourselves." and they were sincerely honest, I don't see people trusting them. Personally I'd welcome our new alien overlords while wetting myself with fear.

Unless they tell me I'm their exiled king or something.