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Originally Posted by xlocutusofborgx View Post
I think we have come along ways that if there was an alien landing in a public area, it wouldnt cause chaos, and people may even welcome it. But it would all depend on the nature of the landing, do they come in peace, or here for our natural resources.
Now, I'm seeing chaos. At the very least people would go all doomsday prepper and start buying/stealing/raiding food, guns and stuff from stores. Not everyone, but enough. Almost everything would shut down.

The thing about humanity is that some of us hate change, and also fear the unknown. But with how the movie industry has made so many millions of dollars off aliens in the box office, and with everything out there I really do think its really de-sensitised us to the point that we would be like "OH did you hear aliens landed in new york!" "NO WAY.. AWSOME!"
Undoubtedly the entertainment industry has a lot to do with it, but as many people that say "AWESOME" just as many would say "WE'RE DOOMED!". Because think about it...actual aliens from another planet would change A LOT of things.

But in the end you never know how the world would react.. it be 50/50. And also you have to figure what the governments would do, and knowing them they use military force first then peacefull disussion.
Thats why I said specifically the aliens tell us "We are here peacefully.". Even if they said "We don't want your planet, your water, your resources or your women, we just want to establish relations with you and be friends.". But of course the military would be involved. Thats expected. As long as no one thinks "Lets bomb them!" because that would be crazy. My mother used to like to watch "V" back in the 80s. I never watched it but I got the basic idea that aliens were here for the water and people were fighting them yadayada...thats about it, right? Because I told her back then if they can get from wherever parsecs away to here they could kill us all easily. There wouldn't be a "brave resistence". It'd be like a modern army attacked by cro-magnons.

I'd like to think that even really stupid governments would figure that out.