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02-27-2013, 03:19 PM
sorry first, i'm ill and bored. BUT:.... pvp is just totally different from pve because you fight PLAYERS, who in the best case are knowing what they're doing ^^... being badass in pve means almost nothing in pvp. so, just try tell my cruisers they're weak ... i can tell you: they are not (f.e. doing 2nd place in pvp-arenas-damage in a cruiser and not been taken down a single time, which happens more often than myself could believe! you know how much fun it is to hunt scorts in fleet-ent-d or -regent in a c&h?).

when starting this game i needed about 3 months to level my toon per campaigns. then i started to pvp and was kind of surprised: vice-admiral wastee just mostly died as much as lemmings on the run ^^... nowadays i perform much better (not a god at all), because i adapted by asking others and testing things out myself. indeed by that i realised how low my knowledge on the game-mechanics and so on had been while being the pve-hero ^^...

pvp now is the main reason for me to log on! it's really a grind in here when fighting the same crappy ai's on and on and on... no challenge. in pvp almost every game is not like the one before, what makes it much more fun (and that in that state ^^. think about...). so.... pvp rep means pvp to play, sure. just (as already stated) as rom rep needs rommie-missions. you know how i hate eppoh-tagging (not much marks on the other missions when they were introduced)?
no point for me in having to go to mol rihan all the time to get the shinies out there... but you know: i did! and so, if you want gear from a pvp-rep, i'm fine with you being bored on having to go pvp for. look it the other way round. for a pvp'er that whole pve grind stuff is just lame after doing it over and over and over and over...........

it's just easy: learn to play or just die alltime (which is actually possible to get rewarded. may, hopefully changes with a rep ^^) if you want the stuff ;P
again: sorry for the intonation, i'm bored too

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