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Originally Posted by captainrevo1 View Post
I think everyone will react differently to varying degrees, but i also think the negative reactions would cloud the positive ones. ie the person jumping with joy at the sight of an alien will be overshadowed by the one shooting it with their gun. once you've attacked them, even if its a handful, you cant take that back.

it also depends on a few factors.

1) what do they look like? orion slave girls will get a different reaction that the skitters off 'falling skies'
Lets say they look like the classic bug eyed booble head grey aliens. I'd actually trust that more than Orion Slave Girls. Even if they were hot I'd think it was a trick. Unless of course they said they were my concubines and I'm they're long lost king, hidden on earth as a baby to escape the Mertheniual Nebula Wars....(oops, I mean, I know nothing about that, I'm human...really....)

2) what country do they land in? im sure there would be a different reaction in Switzerland than say Iraq

3) how immediately friendly are they. have they somehow managed to learn our language? do their ships look like flying weapons? if they cant communicate with us straight away it would only cause friction and tension, especially if their look and mannerisms were totally different.
Well, if they "call ahead", that is let us actually see them through astronomy coming to the planet it would certainly freak people out. Even if they sent a signal saying they have learned our languages and they come in peace, etc. As for the ship, lets just say its basically a Flying Saucer. I mean if it looked like a K'Tinga Class Cruiser we'd probably lob every nuke on the planet at it. They could even land in some unclaimed part of the ocean as to not antagonize any nation. (I was going to say they land in the UK because landing in Washington is oh so they'd have every missile ever built flying at them.) Heck, if they land in Texas someone is definitely going to take a shot at 'em.

personally i think it would be a disaster. if human kill each other over land, money and religion then who knows what kind of carnage would occur if aliens turned up. No matter how many people welcome them, there would be enough hatred and fear to turn it into a disaster.
Thats why I said the aliens announce that they are coming in peace and just want to be space buddies. Would we be able to get over our fear eventually? Because the instance the general public learns not only that aliens are here, but that they EXIST aty all it changes everything. Even if the aliens came to ask for Star Trek reruns because an ion storm disrupted their recieving the last few episodes of TNG.

Think about how it would really change stuff if they just wanted to give us a method of clean, safe renewable cheap energy because they did that to save their own planet from the issues we have and didn't want to see us go through would be awesome, sure.....but it would put fossil fuels out of business.