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Originally Posted by nynik View Post
Space buddies? *deadpan expression*

The motivation for why any non-terrestrial species would be interested in coming to Earth is clear: our unique blue ball of diverse biomes and resources. While statistically speaking, there is likely to be countless other Earth-like planets in our own galaxy alone, they are still very far apart. Assuming nothing will ever travel faster than light (which is a reasonable assumption), the sheer effort of getting to us from where they are would only make sense for two reasons: to expand their assets in an 'assured to be successful' manner or because they are in dire need of what our blue ball can offer them. We'd be well advised to throw everything we can at them before we're snuffed out and our innards are melted down for fertilizer.

If our own species is still around by the time the Sun is about to kick the bucket, thats exactly the situation we'll be in too.
Which would be horrific if they are, as I said "Sincerely coming in peace and don't want to anything nasty to us.".

Like if they looked at that accusation and said "Oh, we've learned how to travel FTL by using hyperspace/ know like the fictional warp drive you have in that show you guys like so much.".

Because honestly, they'd have nothing to gain by know, seeing how they could kill us all from orbit.