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02-27-2013, 05:07 PM
I'd be totally accepting of friendly, 'we come in peace' aliens once that was proven they were friendly without a doubt.

Honestly, to me, the real problems would probably come from two areas:

Religious extremists


Religious extremists would be obvious, the ones who would declare the aliens 'the spawn from Hell' and such things. They'd do everything in their power to demonize the aliens and use scare tactics to keep people on their side, and they'd be the ones who'd want the aliens to leave.

Whether or not you agree with Carl Sagan, the book/movie Contact is what I feel, a good example at how it could very realistically happen. Maybe it is a bit more on the extreme end of the spectrum, but I majorly doubt that really really religious types would be...nice about it, and many people would be scared and unsure about their place in the universe, and thus flock to such groups due to those emotions.

Espionage. This would come from two groups:

A. Big business who would see their various power-bases starting to break down, and they'd do everything in their power to sabotage the aliens.

B. Other governments. Namely they would try and 'friendly up' to the aliens, in order to gain an advantage over other governments, and possibly try to out-right steal technology for their country and their country only.

If aliens did exist, and appeared today, I'd hope that maybe any governments who KNEW this would come clean about it.

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