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02-27-2013, 05:17 PM
Originally Posted by cptskeeteruk View Post
I get a error when starting sto if i add the line /gfxSetDefaultFOV 70 in the file just under PrefEntry GfxSettings.DefaultFov 70

How do i get this working. As im not sure the PrefEntry GfxSettings.DefaultFov 70 is working and the /gfx one just gives a error and removes it when i check after i load the game. Is there a certain place u put the line, do u need the / or not?

This is trying to edit the gameprefs.pref file in star trek online/live/localdata/gameprefs.pref btw.

So i have tried the follow ways to get this to work.

Edit the file so it looks like.

Changing PrefEntry GfxSettings.DefaultFov 55 to PrefEntry GfxSettings.DefaultFov 70 (doesnt work)

Adding /gfxSetDefaultFOV 70 to the file and not touching the previous standard prefentry line about fov. (doesnt work)

etc. I either get in game and the game changes the file when i exit the game or somit or when after i hit engage i get this notification saying token invalid or somit.
No need to poke with the .prefs file, just type the command in the in-game chat.

/ in the beginning indicates that it is a chat command and "SomeCommand" should go in a key bind file.