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02-27-2013, 04:31 PM
If humans were spacefarers and had begun to move outside of our own solar system then I could see others taking a passive interest, making the overtures of peaceful interaction since we will be encountering each other at some point, but as we are right now, I would be deeply suspicious, why would they come here? What do they want?
Even with the most advance technology it would still be a major endeavor that would need to have better justification than just to come say hi.
When the Spanish discovered America it didn't turn out so great for the natives.
Then we have the flip side, humans a notoriously xenophobic, we can barely get along with the different varieties of our own species, we may say we would welcome visitors as a vague notion, but it actually happening would be culture shock of biblical proportions. The knowledge that humans are not the only intelligent life in the universe, not the most advanced, not the center of all things, would be too bitter a pill to swallow for many, a visitation that doesn't end in violence and pandemonium would be miraculous.
If Aliens came here they would have to spend a long time in orbit getting the whole world used to idea before ever considering making a landing, even then the question of why they came remains. One thing would be certain, the world would be changed, forever.