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02-27-2013, 04:38 PM
*D'rix's forces have stopped fighting Vala's as they race to Earth. Preston is on the Comm disappointed with his wife. Preston and James have broken off and have been developing a plan.. *

*The room is hoping that either one of them don't start killing each other..*

James: What is there current position..

Preston: They are in the Cluster.. They need to slow down quite a bit.. to navigate the Black Holes..

James: That gives us some time.. Since our weapons are having little effect we need to convert to swarming tactics... With the defenses it is going to be hard and we will lose a lot of people.

Preston: It is either that or we are going to be slaves. I won't let that happen....

James: Preston.. we need to have that ship disabled so we can destroy it..

Preston: How about we send in one ship when they are in the cluster?

James: That is impossible... it is a maw of so many Black Holes that it is suicide..

Preston: Another reason why they won't expect it.. we need to find a point when they cross and lose their essential systems temporarily...

James: *Looks at the map..* How about point 432 mark 102.. The middle passage.

Preston: That seems like a perfect spot.. I am sure transporters are not affected by the area..

James: Exactly.. Who is going to do it?

Preston: I have one..

James: I have a ship in mind..

*James sends a subspace message with new orders. to Voporak*

James: I need you to go to the Excaliber and pick up Kela we are going to use the middle passage in the cluster to board the enemy vessel and disable everything we can.. Weapons and Shields or force them into sleep..

*Afterwards... James is in his quarters Miranda hanging on to him with slender arms..*

Miranda: I know this is not a perfect time to bring this up.. But I found a way to get pregnant...

James: *looks at her speechless*

Miranda: But I don't know if I should because I dunno if I want to raise it without you..

James: I don't like the idea either... but how did you find a way to get uncontaminated genetic material?

Miranda: I found a way to clear the material of the virus..

James: Is that a step closer?

Miranda: Yes but I don't think I am close enough to come up with a cure...

James: Don't worry I know you can do it..

Miranda: But..

James: Trust me.. and yourself.. You refuse to fail..

Miranda: *is silent as she thinks about it.*

James: Besides... I think everything will work out in the end anyway...

Miranda: I just want to have a few hours at least if that is all I will have..

James: Oh by all means mi lady.

Miranda: *smirks* Yes my Captain.