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02-27-2013, 04:44 PM
Originally Posted by moronwmachinegun View Post
Simple fix - Add a DOFF skill that causes BFaW to proc a hit target to change their target to you. You trigger BFaW, there's a chance for every target you hit to switch to you (this proc should be in two parts, a chance to trigger when BFAW starts (say 10%-25% based on rarity), then a chance to cause the targeting switch per hit (again 10-25% based on rarity). This would force enemies to deal with the engineer/tank first since it would be difficult to attack/kill anyone else with the target shifting.
And if this was ever introduced into PvP in STO... I'd walk away, create a blog, Facebook page, print out flyers and stick them under the windshield wipers of all the cars at the local mall... warning people to stay away from STO.

Why on Earth do people think that forcing a player to target something is okay?

It's one thing to have an ability that says don't target me - it's quite another to say that the player should target something specific. It's mind boggling that anybody would think this would be okay. Are people so bedazzled by the mind-numbing usage of artificial threat mechanics in PvE in so many games that they've lost all sense of what a complete fail of a system it is...that they want to introduce it to PvP as well without the least consideration of what it would mean?