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Originally Posted by idrona View Post
I think that if some alien race were to explore our solar system they would first send some kind of probe/satellite A.I. to scan for life and resources. Then they would also be able to learn everything about the human race without even getting close to earth by trasnlate all our own satellite transmissions.

They would then do one of following things:

If friendly they would recognize that we are not and leave us be.

If "friendly" and more like us and in need of natural resources they would maybe make contact, but probably send more A.I.

If not at all friendly we would probably barely have time to see them coming before it's over.

Ofcourse if I could choose they would all look like T'Pol and Anna from V.
Well, lets say as in my last post, they want something simple. For simplicity's sake lets say its tomatoes. (because I really like tomatoes). They don't have any and when they scanned our planet they found out that tomatoes contain something they need to make some kind of medicine for their planet....and they have a code of paying for things that forbids them to just take tomatoes.

far fetched? Yep. Alien? Hell yes....but they're aliens. They have different motivations so even if we can't imagine that they'd come here to ask for tomatoes its very important to them. I'd believe that before I'd believe half of the things about "future earth" in Star Trek.

I don't think hostile aliens would feel the need to talk to us at all. They could just come and take stuff, and its not like we could stop them.

...and maybe the aliens are feeling "Wow, we thought we were alone in the universe! These guys are kinda backwards, wierd looking and they smell bad when they sweat, but what the hell, lets open diplomatic relations" because they are as interested in us as we would be about them. Maybe they're really as enlightened as we like to think we are.

While I don't think the stuff in Trek about utopian humanity for a hot second, I have hope that if we met friendly aliens it'd cut out the ethnic/racist nonsense down here. We'd have to face the fact that we're all human.

It would really freak people out if the aliens we're all asian, arabic and black. Oh boy, I'd risk the riots just to see peoples heads explode.