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02-27-2013, 05:06 PM
Originally Posted by zeamiennosuke1 View Post
Okay here is a full tracert with a 65packets ping and the nettest. The reason I found why the nettest was so bad is that I don't open the ports in my router, because after all it is a security risk and I don't want to set my pc into a DMZ so that I all other pcs in my network are safe

I would really like to know WHAT the nettest is testing and why one should have such high values on there. ...

7 133 ms 137 ms 134 ms [130.11
8 156 ms 136 ms 134 ms [154.54
9 234 ms 200 ms 214 ms [66.28.
10 233 ms 249 ms 207 ms [154.54.46.
11 236 ms 184 ms 192 ms
12 201 ms 169 ms 248 ms

P.S. I just removed my routers IP ^^
The simple explanation... Trace Route checks for latency. Net Test checks sustained throughput of bandwidth, as well as network access through router gateways and Firewalls... (And Cryptic does warn you need a BROADBAND QUALITY Internet connection to play STO, no doubt because of the needs to support on-demand patching.)

From the looks of your Trace Route, it appears there is an issue with the Cogent Communication Trans-Atlantic link (London to Boston?). You might want to post your Trace Route results into this thread on the Official PWE Tech Support Forum...

and see if PWE can kick Cogent Communications a few more times over their Boston Hub gateway to the STO Servers...