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02-27-2013, 05:25 PM
I think that organized religions may have an issue with them, as it would mess with their hold on people, however, I think that truly religious people, would accept them unconditionally... The Qur'an states that Allah is the Lord of the worlds. WorldS. Plural. Genesis says that God created the heavens and the Earth and saw that it was good (like a hobby). A model maker does not make one model, then just sit back and think 'job well done...', they build another, and another, and another... If God created the Earth, it is only logical that, like the Qur'an states, He created other world's too... I think an educated religious scholar would accept that, but a religious organization, would feel threatened that someone might disrupt their monopoly on The Meaning of the Universe...

I don't think Humanity is stable enough yet to deal with Alien visitors, no matter how peaceful their intentions. I suspect what would happen, would be like what went down in FM Busby's Star Rebel series:
Aliens land on Earth.
Human scientists realize Aliens don't have FTL communications...
Human millitary gasses Aliens and then reverse engineers their technology.
Human 'StarFleet' goes into space and colonizes planets but only in the opposite direction from whence the Aliens came, and are constantly 'looking over their shoulder' as a result...
More Aliens arrive to see what happened to the first lot, and BANG,interplanetary war which will make WWs I and II look like paintball sessions...

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